5 Tips to Help Dad Eat Healthier

Father’s Day is coming up and what could be more important than improving your Dad’s health?? Heart disease is the number one killer of Americans, so if you follow these 5 easy steps you can help your Dad lower his saturated fat and cholesterol in his diet:

1. Reduce the portion size of animal protein: If your Dad still eats meat, chicken or fish, make sure the serving is a side-dish size portion instead of the main course. The smaller size can help reduce the amount of saturated fat and cholesterol he is consuming and should be  balanced with whole grains, vegetables, salad or vegetable soup;

2. Substitute beans for animal protein: Substituting beans for animal protein in dishes such as chili, bean burgers and Shepherd’s Pie a few times a week not only will remove the  saturated fat and cholesterol from a meal, but will add fiber to Dad’s diet;

3. Add vegetables to any dish: Whenever possible, even if you are eating out, add as many vegetables to a sandwich or main course as you can. The more vegetables Dad adds to his diet, the more vitamins, nutrients and fiber he consumes;

4. Add brown rice, whole grain bread and pasta: The easiest way to add more fiber to Dad’s diet is to substitute whole-grain bread for white bread; brown rice for white rice and whole-wheat pasta for white pasta. There are so many tasty products available now, he won’t even notice the difference. The additional fiber will not only help his intestines but will reduce his cholesterol;

5. Exercise: If your Dad does not already go to the gym, go for a walk with him. The more he can move, the better. Exercise is such an important component to health and walking is just as effective as other activities;

Start implementing these simple steps and it will be the start of many healthy Fatslider_bean_burgerher’s Days to come.










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