Can you eat healthy at the fair?!

A couple of years ago the local tv station sent me out to the Twin Falls County Fair in Filer, ID to prove you can make healthier choices at the fair. First of all you  do NOT go to the fair famished. If you intend to eat lunch at the fair, make sure you have eaten breakfast and the same goes for dinner.  If you plan on eating dinner there, make sure you eat lunch. Otherwise, you can go on a runaway!

Like a buffet, see what food booths are available before you make your selection. Often times there is grilled trout (Buhl, ID is the Trout Capital of the World…in case you didn’t know);roasted vegetables or tempura-battered vegetables; corn-on-the cob…just don’t have them dump it in the vat of butter; veggie pitas and you can order the “tater pig” without the pig…which leaves a baked potato with salsa.

I realize people go to the fair just for the food.  SO instead of feeling deprived, decide what one item you want to indulge on. Then sit down, chew it well and enjoy it!! We tend to eat “bad” things very quickly, but if that is what you chose to eat…enjoy it!! You will feel more satisfied when you sit down. Do not walk around the fair eating! It becomes mechanical eating and you have no idea how full you are.

Here are some tips to cut out saturated fat and calories in any meal: omit the cheese on your sandwich; use mustard instead of mayo; add veggies to any item; drink water or unsweetened ice tea instead of soda or sweet tea; request guacamole instead of sour cream; and a vinaigrette instead of Ranch, Thousand Island or Blue Cheese dressing. Most importantly,  do not beat yourself up over anything you ate or drank.

Get back on the wagon the next day. Remember, every meal is a new opportunity to make a better choice! Now go and enjoy the fair!



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